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We are a group of medical providers, who made it our goal to improve one’s quality of life at the very end of life. We aim to take care of patients who are frequently left without proper help in the most dire moments.

We believe that everyone deserves to maintain their dignity and rights, especially in the matter of death. We cater to those who want to help a loved one die at home.

There are so many innovations in technology and in medicine, that when combined with an evidence-based approach, medical care, and care of the family in its entirety, makes the dying process a little painful. What would you do for your loved one in an ideal situation? What is an ideal situation in such a difficult moment? What would someone who has all the access in the world, do for his dying loved one?

The answer is actually simple: I would provide my loved one proper pain medicine; IV fluids if they were dehydrated; proper diet if difficulty chewing; antibiotics if they had an infection; a soft air mattress to prevent bed sores, and possibly special bed sore care; oxygen to help them breathe; and suction to help if they are struggling with a weak cough, among many other options.

For the family, this is a very difficult moment. We help with food, specifically catering and chairs, that would allow for comfortable visits. We will arrange 24-hour care of your loved one to include everything from basic hygiene and feeding to administering medication. We’ll send a doctor to your house – because this is not a time to start making phone calls and looking for appointments. We provide grief counseling and support in this difficult time, and aim to make it just a little less difficult.

Care Team

Founder, Royal End of Life


Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik, MD is a minimally invasive orthopedic spine surgeon based in Miami, Florida. He trained at Duke university with both orthopedic and neurosurgical faculty. He specializes in helping patients with back and neck pain.

Dr. Brusovanik is well known locally and internationally. He has helped numerous professional and Olympic athletes, executives and celebrities. He always attempts to help patients without surgery, but when surgery is indicated, his way of performing surgery minimizes pain and speeds recovery.

Born in Moscow, Dr. Brusovanik moved to Miami in 1992. He matriculated from University of Miami and has called Miami home for many years. He lives on Miami Beach with his wife and two daughters. He speaks English, Spanish and Russian.


A great team of talented doctors stand on call for your loved ones.
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A great team of talented respiratory therapists stand on call for your loved ones.
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