Royal End of Life Concierge Hospice Care: 24/7 Compassionate hospıce Care in Miami and South Florida

At Royal End of Life Concierge Hospice Care, we provide compassionate hospice palliative care services in Miami and throughout South, FL. We make it our utmost duty to provide comfort and support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We understand the end-of-life experience can be difficult, so we strive to provide dignity and relief during these difficult times through our unparalleled care practices. Available to those in need throughout the South Florida region.

We emphasize palliative care, which is a comprehensive approach to relieving the symptoms and stress of serious illness while also improving the quality of life emotionally for both the patient and family. Our concierge hospice care services bring professional healthcare right to your door, providing both medical and emotional support 24/7/365.

As a leading hospice provider in Miami, and South Florida, we provide personalized end-of-life care at home to meet the needs of each individual. Our Florida 24/7 services include palliative and hospice care, ensuring that your loved ones always receive the best possible care.

High-quality end-of-life care, we believe, is a right, not a luxury. Choose Royal End of Life Hospice Care for a peaceful journey during the most difficult stage of life and we will provide happiness until the last breath.

We are at your service and look forward to your email, call or visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not work with medical insurances. We provide a unique concierge service.

We do not. We provide the most comfortable environment for people to pass away, while maintaining full dignity and being surrounded by their loved ones.

  • 24-hour Concierge care
  • 24-hour Comprehensive nursing assistance and advanced care
  • 24-hour Medical services, including the most advanced palliative methods, such as: IV therapy for dehydration and anxiety
  • Soft air mattress to avoid bed sores
  • Suction devices to help with a weak cough
  • Oxygen and breathing aids
  • Specialized catering (food, seating) allowing for comfortable visits from family and friends

We do not ask for a timeline and we do not exclude anyone. Every person deserves to pass away in peace and in the comfort of their own home, while surrounded by loved ones. We take pride in truly making that possible.

We require a $5,000 retainer, which covers the rest of one’s life. Certain a la carte menu items are offered outside of the initial retainer.